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Tavorias Johnson

Tavorias Johnson

Tavorias Johnson was born under adversity in the inner cities of Miami. Growing up his parents did their best to provide and protect him and his siblings becoming a product of our environment. Throughout his childhood he was involved in various music activities that sparked his interest in music.  Tavorias played in an orchestra for twelve years where he learned to read and write music. 

Music has always been a part of his life.  Unlike most of his relationships with family and friends that became stagnated after his incarceration, his relationship with music grew even stronger.  It gave him a sense of hope and purpose beyond incarceration.  Tavorias began to write and express his thoughts.  His words became songs that were therapeutic to him and others.  Eventually he was given the opportunity to interact with youth that were also making bad decisions that lead them to the prison where he was confined.  It was in that moment Tavorias began to understand that he had an obligation to educate them. 

Tavorias is currently a fitness instructor at The Camp Transformation Center.  He is responsible for creating and implementing exercise programs aimed towards improving overall wellness.  Although he finds great joy in doing this, his true love and passion resides in music. Currently Tavorias has written over 100 songs and is excited to see what the future holds.

Look What Life
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I Wouldn't Know
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The Rain
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