D Morris

     Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, D Morris began developing his vocal style, piano playing and songwriting craft at an early age. By the age of thirteen, the self taught musician was already playing proficient piano and mimicking the soulful sounds of R&B that was being played in his home until he eventually found his own voice and style. " I love to just sit down at the piano and write a song. It gives me great joy" say's D Morris. Elements of his vocal influences like Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, and Stevie Wonder are resplendent throughout his music style. 

     D Morris is the hottest independent R&B artist to hit the music scene. D Morris is here to stay. His up coming EP CD "Sextricity" will be release soon, along with music videos. With the surge of successful independent artists D Morris is the next big independent artist to take over R&B. His CD will be available on all digital music platforms and at his live shows. 


     D Morris is currently performing at Country Clubs, Weddings, Night Clubs, and Private Parties throughout Florida. D Morris also currently co-host the "Rhythm and views show" on Youtube. 


D Morris' Musical Collaborations 


    *Grammy Award winning procducer Easy Moe, Bee's Debut CD "Odyssey 2000 Now or Never". 

*Opening act for Nelly and the St. Lunatics at Radio City Music Hall 2004.

*Signed to Universal Publishing Group as a songwriter by Music Executive Clarence Avant

*Produced "Ice man" for G units Lloyd Banks on Bank's "Rotten Apple" Album 2005.

*Cp-Wrote and produced "Tears of Yoy" from D Morris album " In and Out of Love" with Grammy Award Winner William Bell of Stax Records. Opening act for William Bell 2010. 

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