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A-Stone has been called the future of great music on the verge of breathing into the Music Industry as a Singer/Songwriter and currently a CEO of numerous Music Companies. 

A-Stone is a native Miamian that got his first taste of musical influence in the church where he grew up singing and playing multiple instruments. To Take it to another level Alvin-Stone went on to earn an AA& BA and recently a Master's degree in Music from the University of Miami. White in school sharpening his craft, Mr. Jackson performed in countries plays, musicals, operas, live jazz bands, and even gigs that toured around the world that has distinguished, groomed, and mold him into his own. At this point, Mr. Stone, a former Music teacher, and current Music Therapist has decided to go for it which includes starting his own independent record label called Adrian Kori Music LLC; which is the first artist released under the label The singer/songwriter has written and produces his 1st E.P "Music Therapy" a combination of pop/soul/jazz/gospel ballads, mid-tempo piano-driven grooves and Blues felt lyrics that have never been heard before. 

A-Stone's newest E.P. is something new for fans. Unlike my last E.P. "Music Therapy" and the project "Sexy from Miami" is more studio produced, upbeat and drum-driven. I wanted to try something new that represented my hometown. The Sexy Miami is a melting pot of different ethnic worlds that all coexist. You will hear a plethora of genres on this project like Club, Reggaeton, Afrobeat, Sexy R&amp:B anthems, and more. I really went against the grain by hiring hip-hop producer "Taz" from Magnificent Beats to help contemporize my standard acoustic-piano R&amp:B driven sound that my fans are accustomed to. Though A-Stone is a newly established indie artist, he feels very secure within himself and his abilities. A great amount of work has been done on this new E.P.  With this in mind, he has no doubt that his time is now. It has been said that "Talking is for politicians", so anyone who wants to hear great music should check out the spontaneous sounds of A-Stone. 

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