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We are now setting up Record Label Meeting's & Distribution Deals

With Sony Music Entertainment (2019-2020) 

Serious (Budget Ready) Inquiries Only Need Apply (Money Applicant's) Only

Note : 

If your music or label has a buzz and independent momentum and you need a Major Machine backing you. Get signed with Sony Music Entertainment.


President A&R 

Will Covington

Phone: (321) 662 - 9039

Sony Music Entertainment (Distribution) Deal Disclaimer - 

Please note:

Sony Music Entertainment is proud to provide distribution services to all approved Record Labels and Clients meeting the Requirements and Criteria. Sony Music Entertainment Distribution 's  platform is a consistent platform used with every one of its Imprints and Partnerships the same. There is no different distribution systems in place for different labels or Individuals. SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT Distributes All Music Globally, Worldwide. Exactly the same, with the exact same Distribution System in place for all of their Labels, Imprints and Subsidiaries such as SONY RCA, SONY EPIC, SONY BMG, SONY RED, SONY ORCHARD etc. 

Marketing, Promotion & Advertisement is always available for The Clients at anytime assuming the select Record Label or Client has a (Marketing, Promotion & Advertisement) Plan & Budget in place to obtain for its company. Marketing, Promotion & Advertisement is completely separate from Distribution and has to be Purchased Seperately. You can retain these services through Sony Music Entertainment or Out - Source the services as you see fit. Your Marketing, Promotion, & Advertisement services should include all of the key elements to Break your (Records, Artist and Label)  through Platforms Such as (Streaming, Radio, Interviews, Blogs, Magazines Appearances, Touring, Charity Functions and so on. 

Sony Music Entertainment (Distribution) is the next level to your Brand, Record Label or Company. Becoming part of the Sony Family gives your Company a Bigger Look To The Public and Providesa an Official Accredited Brand to your Record Label that Let's everybody know that You are the Real Deal. So if you are the Real Deal, Put this Sony Machine Behind your company today to increase your music presence and increase your Financial Bottom Line to your (Money Stream).

Please get in touch with your point of contact if you wish to move forward with the Sony Family.


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