KAVINCE The Teddy Bear of R&B

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Sherman Simmons aka Kavince was born in Mount Vernon, NY, and was raised in Miami, FL. Kavince started singing at the age of six in a Gospel choir. This is where he found his love for music. Some of the influential artists that Kavince was listening to were Marvin Gaye, Boyz II Men, Brian McKnight, R Kelly, and Jagged Edge.

Kavince's passion for music grew even more due to growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami. His mother was a single mom and she worked double shifts in order to provide for 4 children. At a young age, Kavince felt in his heart that he was blessed with singing talent to better the lives of his family. Kavince took his talent by started writing songs and rapping. Kavince creative song writings came from by listening to different styles of music from country, hip-hop, rock, and R&B with an amazing flow of words that took him to the top. Kavince saved up his money and built his first music studio at the age of 12. Also during this time, Kavince was doing talent shows at middle and high schools is where Sony Studios discovered his talents. Kavince wrote his first commercial song for a clothing store then went on to perform at American Idol and Showtime at the Apollo. Kavince has performed songs with a legendary rapper like Pastor Troy.

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